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What Is In A Name  : MALKIA (Queenly Or Queen)  

The publication is a lifestyle guide that expands throughout the country providing a focus on trending topics relevant to men of today’s generation.We are regionally distributed and delivers to readers on a monthly basis. This publication provides a diverse mix of Entertainment, Fashion, Sexuality, Lifestyle, Sports which culminates our lifestyle. We have a commitment to be a platform to profile individuals who are trending, emerging and who provide a positive influence within the marketplace. Our goal is to inform readers about current principles pertaining to our everyday lifestyle and encourage interaction among models as business women. Our mission is to inspire the concept of “MALKIA  SWAHILI-ENGLISH TRANSLATION FOR “MALKIA” Queen  all women are Queens to us


  • Publisher :Malkia Brands Media / Malkia Publishings

  • Editor-in-Chief :Cris Buck

  • Managing Editor :Resheta Sample

  • Editorial Site Director :Tony Malkia

  • Executive Editor :Nate Edwards

  • ADVERTISING Editor :Darrel.E

  • Associate Photo Editor DMV East :Jevon Michaels

  • Associate Editor: Kai Acevedo

  • Manager of Digital Strategy : Tony Malkia,