alex j hudson photography

Alex J Hudson

Greatness is Here

Being creative and producing quality imagery is the lifeforce of what ‘The Alex Hudson’ is, entirely! With over 12 years of professional experience, there are little other options for a surefire route toward photography that lasts!

Alex J Hudson Photo
alex j hudson photography

Some say I’m a living legend here in Dallas, TX, other say I’m the best . . . I say I’m on my way there, but the ONLY way I can arrive is through the support of YOU!

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Phone 469-353-3060

Studio Address6400 Maple Ave, Suite 850, Dallas, TX 75235

Facebook :
Model/MUA/Hair: Alex Lil Secret (@alexlilsecret)
Dress: Bae Be Killin Em (@baebekillinem)
alex j hudson photography
Model: Persuasion (@iampersuasion)
Stylist: Mareka Brown (@m.inahsa)
Model: Persuasion (@iampersuasion)Stylist: Mareka Brown (@m.inahsa)

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