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Chlöe: did it again but this time she was out for blood put some respect!!! on her name

She is not just an artist, she is a creative monster

Comments from IG

The versatility though, showing the haters you more than your sexuality. They be trynna play you like the talent isn’t ALL AROUND

  • _diamondgotvocalsTHIS SHIT WAS CLEAN🔥10 likesReply
  • whatwill_iwearA booty opera??? As I live and breathe!😂😂😂309 likesReply
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  • laurydontcareYou’re genius sis whaaat12 likesReply
  • basicallybasicnailsTHE VERSATILITY8 likesReply
  • jsnyofficialAND YA MIC IS ONNNNNNNN LAWD ❤️❤️❤️❤️8 likesReply
  • naturaly.sentamintChloe! Hey just a fan here but like ma’am can I please just have my edges and my blood pressure back please! This is just getting out of hand at this point.7 likesReply
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  • davgeraldShe just gave me chills throughout my entire body I am a gay man but let me tell you this if presented with the opportunity 🤨🙏🏾23 likesReply
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  • frankieshinThank you for your services 🔥7 likesReply
  • keairamays_Killed this the one babes7 likesReply
  • _ki2xYou are crowned Principal of the Beyoncé school 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love everything about this… performance arrangement A+ assignment understood for sure!7 likesReply
  • allyesemarieA legend in the making 💕 This was such a bomb performance!7 likesReply

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