Dominique Jones Betrayed the Black Community

There are many different types of women, and as the famous tweet says, “I do not support all women, some of you b-tches are dumb.” Even as a feminist/womanist, I wholeheartedly do not support all women because, many times, their actions are in direct contrast to the achievements and progress of others. 

Take Dominique Jones, for example, a jilted and violent woman with nothing on her mind but herself and revenge, who wrote checks that her ass nor her associates’ asses’ could cash. 

What is the most shocking part about this whole ordeal is why Rudolph, who was not only facing first-degree murder charges but also three counts of attempted murder charges, was even on trial (in the same state, Florida, that allowed George Zimmerman to hunt and kill a child, and get away with it, under the leaky umbrella of ‘stand your ground’), and not Dominique Jones herself. Additionally, Florida has a history of prosecuting criminals for the murders of their accomplices who were killed by either a police officer or the intended victim of a crime. This generally applies to robberies, but that is not the litmus for the law, so I am not sure why it would not apply here.  
Dominique’s lies and violence cost someone else their life and the wrong person was on trial for it.  
Even though it took the jury less than four hours to deliberate and return a unanimous vote of ‘not guilty,’ the contention was that Rudolph fired 39 rounds from his rifle, but I’m sure he would not have had to fire any, were it not for Jones. In a world where ‘believe women,’ has to be a mantra because women are not usually believed, Dominique Jones not only used that, but also the community urged notion of ‘protect Black women,’ to her advantage. She was only out for self which resulted in someone’s death, because he did, in fact, choose to believe her. 
Her actions were a betrayal to Black women and Black people as a whole. 
Fully aware of the violence that permeates the Black community, she decided to perpetuate more while pretending to be a victim of the very crime she was committing. In a world that locks Black men away for even less egregious accusations, Jones decided to ruin lives that day. Even though he was found not guilty, that does not mean that Rudolph can simply return to life as normal. I am sure Jones will not pay the costs he incurred while on trial, from the cost of his defense to his house arrest, to the loss of income, not to mention the PTSD I am sure he endured from not only that night but the thought of being locked away for the rest of his life. 

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