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ig: fionmaymaystar

fb: Fiona May Star

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How do you balance your personal life and having a modeling career?

its difficult to since i work all the time outside of modeling. So its not balance. I do try to find time to have some personal time with myself or other close friends. 

What is your favorite attire and why?

i feel i can wear any attire so i dont have a favorite. just what looks good on me is my favorite. Sexy, elegant, casual, chic. I can do it all. 

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Nothing i would change about myself. I like to be different/ unique and like the way i am inside and out. If i have to pick anything, i say just a bit more taller.

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What do you think men or women would say your best feature is and why?

From what i hear its always my eyes and legs. “pretty brown eyes” or “nice big legs”. I myself think those are my best features also. 

If you could give any advice to aspiring models what would it be?

Never do anything you do not love or have fun doing. Never give up and push yourself to your fullest. Try things you never have done and feel comfortable with and give it your all. Stick to your craft and continue to find thinks to reinvent yourself to the best of your ability and the vision you see yourself in. 

What’s your idea of the perfect date:

The perfect date is easily accomplished with me if the person is good company to be with. I can dress up and go to a nice dinner just enjoying that person and good conversation and even ending in a night cap of dancing. A nice casual date like a picnic on the beach and watching the sunset.  Even getting dressed down to something competitive and fun. Understanding and compromising. Being able to converse to work out issues without the fight. With love all things are willing to be considerate of that person and their feelings but still having your own views allowing them to be combined as a unit together.

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What is love to you?

Love to me is sharing your life with someone you want to spend it with. someone like your best friend you can talk to about anything with no judgement. a person that as together want to see each other live their best life, cheering each other on and having each other back through it all. Giving the support needed.

OK so what do you think about your first love?

of course the first love typically is experienced when it is actually puppy love. willing to do anything just to be with that person and enjoying doing dumb stuff together. Just to being around that person having fun and always joking around. My first love definitely was an experience and got me to an understanding of what type of woman i wanted to be. it was good for me and all though it didnt end badly, after so much time apart i knew i wanted me and life was about growing and learn who you want to be and what type of person you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

We love the images, how was it working with such a talented photographer:

Its always fun working with Ben. Enjoy bring his concepts and ideals to light. Being able to express myself freely and take advice on movements to hit the mark for the best shot. Always makes sure the environment is comfortable for me to be able to work effortless.

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What’s next for you as a brand and who has been a positive influence in your modeling career?

The next thing for me is to just continue to step out of my normally and capitalize on the things that i am comfortable with. More photo shoots and fashion shows to show who i am as a model and connection to me as a person. Continuing to try different looks. As well as possible incorporating make-up and styling for others.

Thank you for your time with Malkia Magazine is there anything more that you would like us to know about you:

Im would say that i a more than just a model but that is for sure my focus now until i can manage or combine the work of later being a makeup artist and seamstress. I always will give 100 percent to anything that i am given and open to learn.  

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