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studio session test jess23 950 edit 2
studio session test jess23 950 edit 2

My very first experience was a photoshoot with RimGuyz at my uncle’s building and with his vehicles called the Slingshot in Dallas. From there I was asked to star in a music video with ToTo Brown of ToTo Brown Music


One of the craziest experiences I’ve had so far is my first photographer, who took pictures of me at my uncle’s business, asked me out on a date a couple of days later. I was shocked at first but said yes. I learned to never mix business with relationships afterwards.

My idea of a perfect photo session is doing a cosplay theme with one of my favorite black female cosplayer. Her instagram is @heirofglee. I love how she breaks the stereotype that black people can’t cosplay as white characters. She also makes all of her outfits, she’s very talented.


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Malkia Featured Ladies

Bust:34 Waist:26 Hips:38 How did you get into modeling and what was your first experience like? I’ve always misled in a way, I was...

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