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Malkia Magazine LLC has a strict photo submission policy. We work with high-­‐ end photographers and artists,  and we only accept the highest quality submissions. We also are particular about accepting only new photographs that have not already been published,  whether in print or on the  Internet, or otherwise.

What we DO NOT want to see: untactful Nudity/pornographic material Amateur Photography People/crowds in the background (or a poor background in general) Already published photos that are not available in at LEAST at 300 dpi (ask your photographer)

If you are a photographer and have photos or artwork that you would like to submit for consideration, please send an email to with a few sample images from the shoot, as well as some information about your studio. If you are a model, you will need to provide photo release information from your photographer, granting permission to use the photo. Please remember to include information about the model, photographer & M.U.A -­‐ we want to credit all of the artists involved in the photographs!

Please only send in high-­‐resolution, FINISHED material and content related to the over-­‐all theme of the magazine. We will not accept photographs or artwork that do not fit the type of model or themes we produce as a publication, and we absolutely do not print pornographic material.   If your shots do not related to the type of content we present, most likely Malkia Magazine LLC is not for you.

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