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luh red
luh red

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Luh Red

Photos by BS 2 photography

About Ms. Luh Red

luh red

“I first started modeling when I was an infant. My mommy enrolled me in a baby modeling program and I won a few trophies but unfortunately being that my dad was in the Marine Corps we had to leave unexpectedly to Virginia in which the opportunities decreased at the age I was then. So I stopped and my mommy decided to wait until I got to the age to make my own decision to pursue the dream she started. So about two years ago I started my own business and decided to do a photoshoot to help promote my brand.

The photographer was a college friend of mines and she rented out a studio so we could shoot for my brand. As I was leaving the owner of the building happened to walk in and was amazed by my appearance and personality and request that I try being a model for him because he promised I’d like it and now it’s my passion.

My first experience as a model definitely was different but I enjoyed every moment of it.”

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  • Bust: *29
  • Waist: *27
  • Hips: *39

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Featured Ladies


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