mimi beach 15 sm
mimi beach 15 sm

Tell me about yourself.
Hi, I’m Mimi Jade. I’m currently a full-time model and chemistry student living in Los Angeles. 

What are your goals as a model?
My goal is to inspire anyone to follow their dreams and do what makes them feel happy every day. 

What are your greatest accomplishments so far?
I would say my proudest accomplishment was being published in Playboy twice in 2019. It was always a dream of mine and I feel so honored to have finally achieved this goal with Shoot Ventures. 

Do you have a scar that tells a story?
My most recent scar was from attending the Route 91 festival. I have a photo in my phone taken at 10:53 PM, having the time of my life enjoying the show with my loved one, and only 1 minute later, it became the biggest mass shooting in United States history. It was never something you would ever predict could happen, and it happened so quickly. I’m reminded to truly enjoy every moment and be grateful always. The ones that weren’t as lucky to make it out alive will always be in my heart. 

What is your most memorable moment at your shoot venture experience? My most memorable moments were with the incredible people I had the opportunity to work with, whom I now call my good friends and the amazing new places we got to explore together along the way. 

What are your thoughts on the shoot locations?
I am so impressed with every shoot location! This is the most organized event I have ever been to. Every day at the mini shoot ventures in Bali had such amazing locations. 

How do you feel this trip has made you better as a model?
I feel growth in my creativity and posing from the models and photographers I’ve had the opportunity to work with during the events. 

What was your favorite shoot set and why?
My favorite shoot was with the camels in Bali. It was such a surreal experience. 

If you can give advice to any new coming model what would it be?
Stay confident and stay true to what makes you feel your best. 

Anything you would like to say?
Thanks for having me Shoot Ventures. I’ll remember our trips for a lifetime

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