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Miroslava Mirka

About Miroslava Mirka

How did you get into modeling and what was your first experience like?I started modelling job since I was 10’years old as a model for kids clothes.My mom did introduce me with some modelling agencies in Indonesia
Where are you from?Milan
What are some of the funniest/craziest experience you’ve encountered as a model?When I was walked in Paris Fashion week and I felt down
What’s your idea of the perfect photo session and with whom ?I love outdoor photoshoot with clear water and clear blue sea like I did with Karl.Lee
Any talents other than modeling? If so, what are they?Im a also a chef and a singer
How do you balance your personal life and having a modeling career?I believe in Time Management.I fell
like I can do all jobs if we know how to manage our times
What is your favorite attire and why?jeans and t shirt.Because simplicity is the best
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?will be more dicipline and exercise more for my perfect body
What do you think men or women would say your best feature is and why?They said my best feature is my eyes.Because show who the real me inside
If you could give any advice to aspiring models what would it be?always on time.Show possitive attitude,be kind,humble
What’s your idea of the perfect datesmart,classy,ellegant
What is love to you?giving without limits
OK so what do you think about your first love?was funtastic!!I felt so nervous of my first kiss when I was 12 y.o
We love the images, how was it working with such a talented photographerAlways love to work with them.All photographers are all my friends
What’s next for you as a brand and who has been a positive influence in your modeling career?I will still walk for upcoming Milan Fashion Week as the pandemic is over now in Milan.My positive influence is Kate Moss
Your Photographer Name
Iskandar Bongso,Karl Lee,Manhattan Photography Workshop

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