Naomi Key

by Malkia Brands

New York, NY– Hip Hop Artist/Actor Naomi Key has signed a new global distribution deal with Warner Music Group (Philippines) facilitated by Atlanta record label Cap City Media Group.

Naomi Key is a hip hop/rap artist in Atlanta, GA who has been an actor, notably on the Bill Cunningham show and earlier in her career has worked as a model with the label Rich Gang. Key has also been featured in numerous magazines and her songs have millions of streams on SoundCloud including the song “Foreign Ice”. Naomi Key is currently working with producer Ace Drucci on her debut project for Warner Music which is slated for a winter release.

Now blessed

I love writing my own music and music is my life soul passion it makes me happy it is my keys to success I have worked hard to get where I am in the music world. I have been doing music at 6 years old and start making it 16 years old.
What is your music dream?
My music dream is to be legendary.
If you could change the world – what would you start with?
I would start with music I bring talent back. And make this world love everyone no matter what race you are.


New EP Comeing soon

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