Nate Sitawi

by Malkia Brands
Nate Sitawi
Sitawi ACOUSTICAL JOURNEY by Nate Sitawi


What is music to you? What does it
give you?
Music is a feeling that is translated in sound and has the ability to take you back to the past where you can literally recall or even smell the atmosphere of that moment or recall a magical moment of meeting a person for the first time that you really connect with or create a feeling that helps heal pain and suffering.
What is your music dream?
My music dream is to write songs that will have an impact across all age groups and
Genres because for me, music is not only a Genre it's a communication gift that allows you to express your feelings through music. You may not listen to me talk but my music will impact your heart and that can't be silenced.
If you could change the world -
what would you start with?
I would start with letting people know that life is not as complicated as we as humans make it. We always want to change our past and that's totally impossible to do but we put too much effort into trying to recount it. You can't change a second ago so the past that is longer than that is totally impossible to change. But you can do something about a minute, hour, day, month or year from now.  So, let the past be the past and let the moment and the future be yours.
Which is the most memorable song from your childhood?
The Deele, Isley Brothers, Jimmy Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Earth Wind and Fire, Franky Beverly and Maze. You will notice all had great guitar players.
Who are your favorite musical
artists or bands?
The Deele, Isley Brothers, Jimmy Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Earth Wind and Fire,
Franky Beverly and Maze. You will notice all had great guitar players.
What inspires you to make music? 
My Heart, I practice almost every day but just practicing chord progressions or
scales I would hit a chord voicing and the sonic sound just gives me a feeling like WOW, I can feel that sound and from there a song is born!
What is the message you want to
send with your music?
That you can take my songs and write your own narrative, meaning you can feel it!
How do you feel when you
perform in front of an audience?
When I did perform live, we were so in the groove and I knew my brother Sputt on bass or drums was always to the right of me and we were so in the pocket. The audience was feedback for us and we gave them what they came for. Funny thing is as much as we performed the stage fright gremlin hit me one night and it was the craziest thing that had ever happened to me and we performed all the time growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio
How do you see the
musician/Independent Artist’
reality nowadays? What could be
Musicianship.  A lot of artists are really missing their calling.  Learning an instrument and playing in a band is something that I'll never forget and a lot of musicians will tell you it’s tough but you grow so much from it. The younger artists sample music that those bands spent hundreds of hours perfecting to get it where you can lay it down in the studio.
What do you think of Music
Magazines ?
I love reading about the artists that have paid their dues and let folks know there is no easy route to success.
Do you support your local scene as
a fan? How?
Yes, I've always tried to help all musical talent to stick with it if you’re into music because you love it not because you think you can get rich.
What qualities should a
musician/Independent Artist
nowadays have in order to get
their music heard by a larger
I hear a lot of up and coming artists not wanting to do free shows and that drives me nuts because for them all they need is a computer and microphones to perform. For us we played anywhere we could, paid or FREE and we had to carry guitars, guitar amps, drums (Each section), PA systems and Mics. If all we needed was a USB stick, we would have traveled all over the country.
it comes to breaking new ground

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