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MM: How did you get into modeling and

what was your first experience like?

Q-S: I started modeling for the

locate mall in the town I grew up in. That’s

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how it all started.

MM: Where are you from?

Q-S: I was born in Brazil but moves

to the US right before I turned 10. I lived

most of my life in TX though.

What are some of the funniest/craziest

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experience you’ve encountered as a


Q-S: Nothing really crazy. …just

crazy stories I hear from the MUA.

MM: What’s your idea of the perfect Photo

shot and with who?

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Q-S: My perfect shoot would in Bora

bora with some hot male

MM: Any talents other than modeling? If

so, what are they?



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Q-S: Well I took ballet, tap, jazz classes

going up…I guess you can say I can dance. 😉

MM: How do you balance your personal life

and having a modeling career?

Q-S: Being a mom and fitness coach

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comes first. Modeling is what I do for fun.

MM: Who is your favorite music artist and


Q-S: My favorite band is Five Finger

Death Punch! As I’ve gotten older I’ve fallen in

love with Heavy Metal.

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MM: What is your favorite attire and why?

Q-S: I live in work out clothes! They’re

just so comfy.

MM: If you could change one thing about

yourself, what would it be?

Q-S: Giving people too many chances!

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Sucks having a big heart.

queen skully

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