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Rihanna models her newest lingerie line (Picture: Instagram) Rihanna has just dropped her newest line of Savage x Fenty lingerie, and there’s no-one better to advertise the range than herself. The singer/designer/beauty mogul/all-round goddess shared her new promo shots on Instagram, and she can be seen wearing a white bustier bra with matching thong and hold-ups, plus a strapless bra in another picture. ‘Ready for the midnight May drop?

Don’t sleep on the new @savagexfenty. Get it May 1st!’ she wrote. We’re ready! (Picture: Instagram) Fans are very into either the collection or the pictures, but probably both. ‘I’m ready to spend all my money,’ one follower wrote. Another added: ‘“It’s ugly until Rihanna wears it.” Still true.’ The new drop hasn’t stopped fans begging for an album though. One joker wrote: ‘So you can come out with lingerie but not new music.’ Fans are impressed (Picture: Instagram)

The newest collection features pastel colours and plenty of lace, all available in a range of sizes. Rihanna first launched the Savage x Fenty range in May last year, and was immediately praised for the size and colour inclusiveness of the range. Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength – and RiRi definitely knows how to make us want to buy.

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  5. Savage X Fenty by Rihanna‏Verified account @SavageXFenty Jul 17MoreStayin’ true to da blue Your fave scalloped lace is now available in emo blue. Pick it up, sis, before it’s gone! #SavageXIRL 7 replies27 retweets215 likesReply 7 Retweet 27 Like 215
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