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about Sonya Lynn

Malkia Allure Cover Publish Date: Sep 14, 2018

I started modeling around 2010 when a friend of mines suggested that I should

work with this photographer named Calvin Brown. I set up a few hours with

Calvin and booked for my makeup to be done by his wife. I shopped a week or

so prior of the shoot date so the looks were current. I end up with three different

outfits. I was excited this shoot was actually happening. The overall experience

was great and they made me feel very amazing during the whole process.

Fort Worth, TX

My funniest/craziest experience I would have to say was with the hottest tattoo

shop owned by O.G. Poppy, Da Kandy Shop! The location the photoshoot was

booked with was Studio 21 Salons located in Grand Prairie, TX. The shoot was

all about promoting his tattoo shop. O. G. Poppy and his wife had about 20 sexy

girls and set was organized very nice. It was a little bit scary for me at first

because I never worked with a group of girls any size. The experience will be an

everlasting successful memory.

A perfect photo session would be with my best friend since my 7th grade year

Michelle. I love her positive sexy vibes and when we get together the energy is

always on the same vibrations.

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