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Stepan Kvardakov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

How does black and white vs. color play into your work?

I like black and white, but it so happens that I like the color more. Therefore, 99% of my photos are in color, fortunately, I know how to work with him 🙂

How important is it for a photographer to“connect” with his subjects to bring out their true self?

If you mean models, then of course this is one of the most important parts of shooting, what emotions she will have depends on communication with the model and how naturally she can pose.

Locationsandweatherconditionsseemstobea crucial aspects to a successful picture. Howdoyouhandle these unpredictable factors?

I chose the easiest option for myself, this is shooting in photo studios, of course, there are still enough problems with lighting, since I prefer natural light, and in St. Petersburg, there are often problems with it.


My style and my vision of the beautiful

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What do you think are some of the things in photography you steer away from yourself?

I do not do too explicit shootings and do not remove pornography


I think with the same as all photographers. Search for models for nude shooting, search for your style.

What are your thoughts on working single images versus projects?

I do not have such projects

Whatarethedisadvantagesyoufaceasaphotographer, in this industry?

People often do not understand how to engage in erotic photography and have a normal family and relationship with it, sometimes there are unpleasant incidents associated with it.


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“What I like about the models?”

As a photographer, can you explain the difference between beauty and vulgarity when it comes to modeling?

For me, vulgarity is when the model focuses on the genitals and openly shows them. But when it is not intrusive and veiled by emotions – it is beautiful.

Whichstyleofphotographydoyouprefer, high fashion, or eye-candy?

I stick more to naturalness, sometimes it’s interesting that something artsy and unusual

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