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malkia magazine
malkia magazine

Malkia Featured Ladies

The UK with Crystal

A shoot in which you’ve got a clear vision of what both myself and the photographer want to create. Being able to bounce ideas off each other and feeling comfortable to explore poses/lighting/levels of nudity. My favorite shots are from DefineDecadent & UrbanKinks Photography.

The UK With Crystal In this issue with cover

I’m very excited, to bring our subscribers, fans, and followers our New ALLURE SERIES Magazine, part of The Malkia Brands of Magazines. This semi-annual magazine will showcase Wondrous Women, “Whom Gold Holds No Allure”. In these issues, we will introduce multiple women in luxurious fashions, boudoir setting, and swimwear attire. These Sensational women will capture you with their fantastic, eye-catching Beauty and ALLURE.

malkia magazine

capture you with their fantastic, eye-catching Beauty and ALLURE. Showcasing our first Fall issue will be with these

Glamorous Ladies: Crystal, Amber, Fiona, Julie,

Geneva and the work of Alisa Verner.

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When we make decisions about the Models, we think

about how you, our readers, what you all feel? When you

set your eyes upon our incredibly talented Models, will

you stare for a few moments or flip to the next page?

We also ask ourselves, when you read our articles and

see the advertisements, will you be intrigued enough

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to read the entire article and go to the website to get

more information about products advertised?

We ponder over many questions that will ultimately be

answered, by an increase in readership. We ultimately

pour over the layout attempting to detect, what will

compel the reader to stop and take a closer look. Will

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he or she hold their breath? Will they purchase and/or

subscribe for future issues? You bet your arse, we do.

We hope this issue brings you to our websites and

we sincerely thank you for your continued support. In

closing, the introduction of our ALLURE Magazine .

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malkia magazine

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